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My First Android Game: Koala Bubble Shooter

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Within the last year I switched my focus on native Java programming for Android. Surprisingly most of my programming skills from ActionScript 3 programming were quite useful and could be applied to this new area. Except I had to fight with fragmentation, one of the reasons I preferred Flash over HTML+CSS back in the days. Anyways, my first game that came out at the beginning of this year was a simple match-three bubble shooter: Koala Bubble Shooter
It has 44.000 downloads and is still going strong. I just added advertising to it, because the in-game-purchases were not really what I expected. I guess I won’t retire anytime soon. But is a really nice learning experience. Keep coming back to hear about my next games.

Written by bjornson

June 20th, 2013 at 9:18 pm

Freeware Screen Ruler

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Because I could not find a screen ruler that did exactly what I wanted (and for fun of playing with Adobe Air) I wrote my own. And of course I felt like sharing it with the community, so here is the download:

bjornsons screen ruler (500KB Air Application)

I built in some options that I felt were quite useful:

  • option to set the background alpha: so now you can place the ruler on top of your screen or next to the object to be measured, just the way you like
  • option to set the background color: in combination with the alpha you can always make your ruler appear in contrast to the measured object without distracting too much
  • resising by dragging the corners: you can easily resize the ruler simply by dragging any corner in the desired direction
  • hide to dock: hide the ruler to the docking station by choosing “hide” from the menu or simply clicking ESC on your keyboard
  • move/resize single pixels: you can move the ruler with the arrow keys on your keyboard, and resize it with the arrow keys while holding down STRG (or the equivalent for your system)

But as we all know, a picture says a lot more than a few words, and a few pictures… well you get what i mean, so here are some screenshots of the tool:

Written by bjornson

June 9th, 2010 at 7:11 pm